Site Option - eSignatures
Enabling eSignatures allows workflow resolution states to require password verification before allowing an issue to be saved. This stops unauthorized personnel from using a logged on session to move issues to certain spots in the workflow by confirming the identity of the user before saving.
The site option allows for the use of a separate eSignature password for each user. These passwords can have the same or different strength requirements as regular passwords.
If using separate eSignature passwords, users can set and maintain their passwords from the My Information page. A user trying to save an issue in a resolution state that requires an eSignature that has not yet created an eSignature password will be prompted to create one when they try to save the issue.
When issues are saved with an eSignature a history record is created that includes the user ID that provided the eSignature and a link to a complete ‘snapshot’ of the issues details at the time of the save.
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