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Issue List

The Issues List is the landing page after log in.

Create New Issues

Create a new issue using the Issue Details page.

Filters Menu

Save your current filter or select a different saved or published filter.

Reports Menu

This dropdown contains a list of published reports. Reports are published based on user type and user group. Different users will have access to different reports. RMTrack comes with 4 "stock" reports:
  • Daily Summary
  • Release Notes
  • Summary Trends
  • Issue Distribution
Additional reports can be added through the RMTrack Custom Reporting feature.

Help Menu

As you navigate through the pages of the RMTrack application, at any time you can click on Help > Help for this page to open this guide to the appropriate page. Under the Guides section are a link to the title page of this guide and a link to the RMTrack API guide.
There is also a link to the RMTrack Support Site where users can submit a support request. If you have not already been provided with a user ID you can sign up for one from the login page.
The About page shows the current version of RMTrack and some contact information.
Users that have no other administration rights but have been granted access to workflow inquiry through the security type settings, will also see a link to the Workflows List in the dropdown that will take them to a list workflows they can view.
It is possible that your site administrator may have also published some custom menu entries under the Help menu item specific to your organization.


Type an Issue Number into the search box to be taken directly to the Issue Details page for that issue.
Or type a word or phrase into the box to search for matches in your database.
For more information please see Search...

User Settings

This dropdown contains three items:
  • Profile - to change name, email, time zone, login security, set Out of Office.
  • Change Password - to change main user password
  • Logout
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