Project Administrators
Project Administrators are RMTrack users that have been granted extra administrative rights greater than just "regular" users but not as powerful as a Site Administrator. These special rights are tied specifically to the projects that they have been designated as a project administrators for.
Users are assigned as members of a project team on either the Project Details page or the User Details page:
All users designated as Project Administrators can add project related code table values and can modify the project details page including adding/removing existing users for the project they are designated as administrator for. Note that a user could be a project administrator for one project but not for another.
Additional access to administrative functions can be granted to project administrators based on their assigned Security Type. Part of the security type details page is a section for Project Administrators Access to Administration Functions:
Members of this security type who are also designated as project administrators for some projects will have access to the selected functions for those projects.
NOTE: Project Administrators will only be able to access these functions for the projects that they are administrators for and only if the those changes only affect projects they administrate. For example, projects can share workflows. If two projects use the same workflow but a user is only designated as an administrator for one of the projects, they will not be able to alter that workflow.
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