Public Projects
There is a feature in RMTrack called Public Project Access. This feature is designed to allow "public" users (users not know to the RMTrack installation) to create their own user IDs to access projects designated as public. An example use of this would be a support site for a product where anyone with internet/intranet to the site can create and check up on support tickets.
When one or more projects have been designated as public access on the Project Details page a message will appear on the login page Don't have a user id? Sign up for one here :
If the here link is clicked, a page will pop up asking the user for Name, e-mail address, timezone and preferred user id and password. An account will then be created for this user.
The new user will automatically have access to any/all projects designated as Open to the public on the Project Details page. The user will be assigned to the Security Type designated for public users on the Security Type Details page and will be assigned to any Group(s) designated for public users on the Group Details page.
It is recommended but not required that you create separate a security type and group specifically for public users.
RMTrack will not allow a project to be designated as public unless a security type and group exist that have been designated for public users. Those groups and security type cannot be deleted if any projects are currently set as open to the public.
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