Public Form Designer
Public Form Designer

Page Actions

1. Page Actions
  • Clicking the Copy… link at the top of the page will copy the existing form to a new form.
  • Forms can be Exported and Imported between RMTrack sites. This is useful when using a test or development site of RMTrack.
NOTE: When importing a public form, all fields in the exported form must already exist in the database being imported into.

Form Name

2. Form Name
Each public form must be given a unique name.


3. Disable/Enable
Public forms can be disabled by checking the box and saving. If someone goes to the URL of a disabled form, they will see the form title and the message: "This form has been disabled. Contact your support representative for assistance."

Design Tabs

4. Design Tabs
There are four tabs that allow the user to fully configure the form:
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