Workflow Configuration - Resolution State Object Properties
Properties for a resolution states have three tabs:


Resolution State Object


On the General tab you can either select an existing resolution code from the dropdown or create a new resolution code by typing the name into the field.
Select whether the this resolution code is considered an open or closed issue A combination of the resolution code and the status becomes the Resolution State.


Indicate whether the issue is to be counted as a valid issue and/or a fixed issue by checking the appropriate boxes. These indicators can be used by RMTrack for issue filtering and for metrics reporting. Generally, a valid issue is one that represents a real problem i.e. not a duplicate or a not reproducible issue. A fixed issue is one that has been solved, verified and is ready to be closed.


This will only appear if eSignatures has been enabled in the site options settings. Checking this box will cause RMTrack to prompt the user for password authentication before saving the issue in this resolution state. Issues saved with an eSignature will have a history record saying Signed and the history details will include a link to a full snapshot of the issue details at the time of the eSignature.


On the Validations tab you are able to define which fields on the data entry form are mandatory whenever an issue is moved to this resolution state. New, or different, required fields can be added at different stages in the workflow. For example the field "Release" might be required after the issue is moved to the "Released" resolution state but not before.

On the issue details page, required fields are indicated by a red asterisk beside the field name. 
NOTE: Mandatory field rules will not be enforced on automatic transitions or if the user does not have update privileges to the field due to group membership.


The workflow tab controls the rules for saving an issue when the issue is not moving in the workflow i.e. saving with the same resolution state:

Resolution/Status must be changed

The issue cannot be saved in this resolution state i.e. it must be moved to a new resolution state to save it.

Can be saved with the same resolution/status

It can be saved in the same resolution state but:

Cannot be reassigned

The issue cannot be reassigned i.e. the user the issue is assigned to can update it without moving it in the workflow but it must remain assigned to them.

Can be reassigned to a member of

It can be reassigned in the same resolution state to any member of the indicated group(s).

Must be reassigned to a member of

It must be reassigned to a member of one of the indicated group(s) to be saved in this resolution state i.e. the assigned to user must be changed.
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