User Details
User Details


Use the Copy feature to quickly create a new user that belongs to the same project teams and groups as another user.

User ID

2. User ID
User ids can be changed any time. All occurrences of that user id will be changed in the system including; issue assignments, issue history, comment authorship etc.


3. Disabled
User ids can be Disabled by checking the box beside the user id. Disabled users cannot log in to RMTrack, cannot have issues assigned to them and will not receive e-mail notifications or subscriptions. Disabled user records cannot be modified; you must uncheck the disabled box to make changes to the record.
Generally it is better to disable a user than to delete it.

E-Mail Settings

4. E-Mail Settings
RMTrack contains a feature called E-Mail Notifications that allow users to be informed by e-mail when issues are assigned to them. For users to receive e-mail notifications their user record must contain a valid e-mail address and they must be set to receive automatic e-mail notifications.

License Type

5. License Type
If your installation uses mixed mode licensing i.e. floating user and named user, you must choose which type of license this user is assigned.  If you have named user licenses only, and all available licenses have been assigned, you must disable another user before you can create a new user. Displayed beside the license type choices, is the number of users currently using each license type. Any number of users may be assigned to floating licenses. Each named user requires a separate license.

User Security Type

6. User Security Type
Each user must be assigned to a single Security Type. Security types control the level of access a user has to the RMTrack application.
NOTE: At least one user must have site administrator privileges. Trying to delete, deactivate or change security settings for the last site administrator will be disallowed.

Preferred Time Zone

7. Preferred Time Zone
All dates and times in RMTrack are stored in UTC (Coordinated Universal Time). When dates and times are displayed in RMTrack they are adjusted to each users' Preferred Time Zone.

Out of Office

8. Out of Office
The Out of Office setting allows the user to temporarily not have issues assigned to them. By selecting the Issues assignments will not be accepted option, no issues can be assigned to this user. If another user attempts to assign an issue to an Out of Office user an error will occur. The error message appears at the top of the issue page:
Please correct the following error
·     User userid is 'Out of Office' and cannot be assigned issues (user's message: message)
You can include a message to be displayed when new assignments are rejected. For example, you may wish to include the user id or name of the person covering for you while you are away.

Project Membership

9. Project Membership
For each project a user can be designated as:
  • Team Member: Has access to issues in the project and can update issues that are assigned to them.
  • Can Edit any Issue: Can update any issue in the project, even when it is not assigned to them.
  • Project Administrator: Please see the section Project Administrators for a definition of this team member type.
  • Override Workflow: Allows the user to by-pass all workflow rules for this project. Note: this setting is not recommended for regular users.
The project membership selection list can be toggled between All projects or just Projects user is a member of. The list can also be toggled between a Full list and Address book styles.
NOTE: Users that are members of the security type designated for public projects will automatically be members of all public access projects. Public users cannot have their project membership changed.

Group Membership

10. Group Membership
Non-Site Administrators must be a member of at least one group. Users can be members of multiple groups.
The group membership selection list can be toggled between All groups or just Groups user is a member of. The list can also be toggled between a Full list and Address book styles.
NOTE: Users can be assigned to more than one group. For all Issue access, Item Security and Field Level Security functions, RMTrack will assume the HIGHEST access level provided by a users' group memberships. For example, if a user belongs to group A and to group B and group A has restricted access but group B is unrestricted, the user will have unrestricted access.

Login as...

11. Login as...
This button is available when editing an existing user record. It allows an administrator to log in as the selected user. This can be useful when helping with user related problems and during initial configuration.
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