Security Type Details
Security Type Details

Security Type Name

1. Security Type Name
All security types require a unique name. The names can be changed at any time.

Public Users

2. Public Users
In sites that us Public Projects one security type must be designated as the Public security type by checking this box. Only one Security Type can be the default for Public Users and all Public Users will be automatically assigned to this Security Type.

Issue Access

3. Issue Access
Group access rules can be overridden by checking the override box. If selected, users of this Security type, regardless of group settings, will use the selected issue access type.

Filter Publishing

4. Filter Publishing
Each Security Type can have filter and layout publishing rights limit whether they can publish filters and layouts and who they can publish to. For example, you may not want public users publishing filters.

Filter Visibility

5. Filter Visibility
For each security type, you can control what published filters they can see by selecting the appropriate settings.

Access to Stock Reports

6. Access to Stock Reports
Access to stock reports and the workflow can also be controlled for each security type.
NOTE: This setting does not affect the publishing of Custom Reports which is controlled independently for each report.

Project Administrators Access Rights

7. Project Administrators Access Rights
This section of the security type configuration works in conjunction with a user’s Team Membership in a project which is set on either the Project Details page or the User Details page.
Users that are designated as Project Administrators for one or more projects will be granted access to the selected administrative functions for the projects they are an administrator of.
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