Project Details
Project Details

Project Name

1. Project Name
All projects require a unique name. A project name can be changed at any time. This is the name of the project that will appear in all dropdowns and references to the project. The name can be up to 50 characters long however names that long may affect the display on some pages. It should be descriptive enough that users will recognize which project it is without being excessively long.

Copy Project

2. Copy Project
For existing projects there is a Copy link beside the project name. Clicking this link will copy all project details including:
  • Data Entry Form and Workflow association
  • Project Team Members
  • Group Leads
  • All project related code table values
  • All project level e-mail notification rules

Numbering Prefix

3. Numbering Prefix
There is a Site Option in RMTrack allows for two type of issue numbering; uniquely across all projects or sequentially within projects. If your installation numbers issues sequentially within project, you must provide a Numbering Prefix for each project. The prefix can be up to 10 characters long and helps identify the project of an issue. For example, you could set a project’s numbering prefix as P1- and each issue number would begin with that prefix e.g. P1-1, P1-2, … P1-999.

Project Status

4. Project Status
When a project ends it may be desirable to keep the issues associated with the project as an archive. Setting the project status allows old project data to be retained while removing the project from most lists. There are three settings for Project Status:
  • Active: This is the normal functioning state of a project.
  • Read Only: This setting allows the project to be kept for inquiry purposes. The issues are still visible to all team members of the project but regular users can no longer create or update issues in the project. Site Administrators and the API can still create and update issues. The project and its issues are still accessible by reports.
  • Disabled: This setting allows a project to be kept as an archive. When a project is disabled, the issues are no longer visible to any user, including Site Administrators. But they project and its issues are still there. The project will not appear anywhere in the system and is not accessible by reports.  In the event that information is required from a disabled project, the Site Administrator simply needs to change the status back to Read Only.

Long Description

5. Long Description
Allows for a more detailed description of the project.

Data Entry From

6. Data Entry From
Each project can have a separate Date Entry Form that defines what Issue Fields are tracked for this project. The Data Entry Form dropdown will list all defined forms. The data entry form for a project can be changed at any time.

Workflow Configuration

7. Workflow Configuration
Each project can have a separate Workflow that defines the resolution process and assignment rules that project. The Workflow Configuration dropdown will list all defined workflows.
WARNING: A project's workflow can be changed at any time but changing the workflow can cause unexpected problems. Please read Notes About Workflows before making changes.

Public Project

8. Public Project
Projects can be designated as being Public Projects by checking the Open to the Public checkbox. Having public projects allows anyone with access to the RMTrack site to create their own user ID and access public projects.

E-Mail Notifications

9. E-Mail Notifications
E-Mail Notifications can be disabled for an entire project.

Project Team

10. Project Team
You can designate your project team on this page by checking the applicable boxes. For each project a user can be designated as:
  • Team Member: Has access to issues in the project and can update issues that are assigned to them.
  • Can Edit any Issue: Can update any issue in the project, even when it is not assigned to them.
  • Project Administrator: Please see the section Project Administrators for a definition of this team member type.
  • Override Workflow: Allows the user to by-pass all workflow rules for this project. Note: this setting is not recommended for regular users.
The Project Team selection list can be toggled between All Users, Only Team Members or Members of Group. The Members of Group selection filters on a selected group and can be useful when you want to add all or most members of a particular group. The list can also be toggled between a Full list and Address book styles.

Group Leads

11. Group Leads
Group leads are used in RMTrack to allow automatic assignment of issues. The dropdowns will contain all users who are assigned to the project team and are members of the selected group. The list of groups shown will include only the groups that use the Group Lead feature in workflow transitions in the project’s selected workflow. Group leads are not mandatory.
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