Projects List
Projects List
The Project list includes the name of the Project, a Status indicator, the Data Entry Form used by the project, the Workflow used by the project, whether the project allows Public Access and the long description. For users that have the necessary access rights, the Data Entry Form and the Workflow are links directly to those pages.
To modify a project, click on the project name. To delete a project, select the row by clicking anywhere to the right of the project name and then click the Delete button.
WARNING: When a project is deleted all of its issues are also deleted. It is strongly recommended that a database backup be done prior to deleting a project or that projects be disabled, not deleted.
To add a new project, click the New button.
There are two ways to create a new Project. After clicking the New button, the following dialogue will be displayed:
The project wizard will guide you through all necessary steps to create a new project and is recommended when you are unfamiliar with Project setup.
You can also choose create a project directly from the Project Details page.
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