Notes About Workflows
The workflow diagram defines the rules and process for an issue to move from creation to resolution:
There are three components of a workflow diagram:
  Issue Creation - represented on the diagram by a box with a yellow star at the top left.
  Resolution State - represented by a regular box on the diagram.
            Transitions between resolutions - represented by directional arrows on the diagram
Each of these components has properties that allow you to define rules for how and who can move issues through the process.

Creating your first workflow

If this is you first experience with RMTrack, please take a moment to read Getting Started with RMTrack.
Before creating your RMTrack workflow we recommend that you take the time to sketch it out first and while doing so ask your self these questions:
NOTE: We recommend that you create your groups before creating the workflow.

Changing the Workflow for Existing Projects

Special care must be taken when changing the workflow for an existing project. Whether modifying an existing workflow or replacing a project’s workflow with an entirely new one, it is possible to create problems.

Some things to consider:


RMTrack Support recommends the following:

Please do not hesitate to contact RMTrack Support for advice and/or help with workflow changes.
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