Issue Field Details
Issue Field Details
NOTE: Issue fields can also be created directly on the Data Entry Form Designer.

Field Name

1. Field Name
Enter a Field name for the issue field. The field name is used internally by RMTrack to configure the database tables and can only contain alphabetic characters Aa-Zz, 0-9 and _ (underscore).

Friendly Name

2. Friendly Name
You must also provide a Friendly Name for the issue field which is used as the default label for the field on the data entry form.


3. Description
 Provide a short description of the field’s purpose or meaning. This description can also be used as help for the field if desired - see Data Entry Forms.

Field Security

4. Field Security
Access to fields on the Data Entry Forms can be controlled separately for each User Group. Fields can be invisible for some groups and you can control who can update each field and when. You can change the access to an issue field by clicking the appropriate radio button for each available group. For more information please refer to the section on Field Level Security under the Groups section of this guide.

Data Type/Representation

5. Data Type/Representation
Select the Data Type for the field from the drop down list provided. Each Data Type requires different settings to be entered and selecting a Data Type will cause the page to alter accordingly.
Available field types are:
NOTE: Creating issue fields modifies the internal RMTrack tables therefore once an issue field has been defined and saved, the data type and most settings for the field cannot be modified. For assistance changing the internal definitions of fields, please contact support@rmtrack.com.
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