Issue Rules
Issue Rules
The issue rules list page displays a summary of all defined issue rules. Each rule is listed by name and includes the execution order, whether or not the rule is disabled, which projects the rule applies to and a summary of the action(s) to be taken when the condition(s) are satisfied.
To add a new Issue Rule, click the New button. To delete a rule, select the row by clicking anywhere to the right of the rule name and then click the Delete button. To modify a rule, click on the rule name.

Reorder Rules - Execution Order

The execution order is used to control the order in which rules are executed (from lowest to highest) whenever an issue is saved. When one rule’s conditions are matched, further processing of the remaining rules is stopped and the actions associated with the first rule matched are executed
NOTE: In other words, only the first matching rule will be executed, all subsequent rules will be ignored.
To change the order in which the rules are executed click the Reorder button to display the Rule Execution Order dialog:
Each rule is listed, and a drag/drop handle is shown to the left of the rule name. Click and hold on the handle and reposition the rule to the desired location. The up/down buttons on the right can be used to move a selected rule up or down. Select a rule by single clicking on an entry in the list.
Clicking OK saves the new execution order and refreshes the list of rules page to reflect the changes.
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