RMTrack supports two types of authentication: Forms and Windows.

Forms authentication

is the default RMTrack login screen where users are requested to enter a user ID and password to gain access to the application.

Windows authentication

bypasses the RMTrack login screen by authenticating the user based on their Windows network user ID and passing that information directly to RMTrack. For Windows authentication to be successful, the Windows user ID must match a user ID (or secondary user ID) set up in RMTrack.
Configuration of the authentication mode is not done through the RMTrack application. It is done by making changes to the web.config file found in the RMTrack web site virtual directory and changes to the IIS (Internet Information Services) settings.
NOTE: For additional information on configuring Windows Authentication for RMTrack please see the RMTrack knowledgebase article HOW TO: Setup Windows Integrated Security or contact support@rmtrack.com.
The options available for Authentication Settings change based on which authentication method is being used.
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