Group Details
Group Details

Group Code

1. Group Code
Each group must have a unique name called Group Code. The group code can be changed at any time.

Public Access

2. Public Access
Groups can be designated as Public groups. Designating a group as public means that any public user who creates their own user ID will be automatically assigned to this group. Generally, you would only designate one group for public user. At least one public group is required if any projects are designated as Public Projects.

Issue Access

3. Issue Access
Groups can be designated as Restricted Access by checking the appropriate option. Members of restricted access groups only have access to issues that they created or were assigned to at one time.

Issue Item Security

4. Issue Item Security
This section controls what issue related records a group can access and update on the issue details page. Issue related records appear on the right side of the issue details page and include: Attachments, Related Items, Subscriptions, and Issue History.
For detailed definition of each Item Type and what the security settings means please see Item Security.

Group Membership

5. Group Membership
The group membership selection list can be toggled between All Users or just group Members only. The list can also be toggled between a Full list and Address book styles.
When using the All members list, members are added to (or removed from) the group by checking or unchecking the box beside the user ID. When using the Members only list, add members by selecting the user from the dropdown.

Field Level Security

6. Field Level Security
Field level security is maintained at the group level. This allows the site administrator to control what fields can be accessed by which groups and what the level of access is. New issue fields will default to Update access. Field access can be changed by clicking the appropriate radio button beside the field on the Group Details page.
NOTE: The ability to allow users to change the Project of an existing issue can be controlled here. By setting the Project field to ‘Inquiry’ certain groups can be restricted from changing what Project an Issue belongs to.
For more details on the security settings please see Field Security
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