The Licenses page shows each RMTrack license key in your installation, the type of license (Floating, Named, or Demo), and the total number of users allowed by each license.
To add a new license key, click the New button. To remove a license select the row by clicking to the right of the license key and then click Delete.
The page also shows the current license usage and the current session timeout value.
There is also a list of the users currently logged on showing User ID, E-Mail Address, Session ID, Date and time of Last Activity and the time the session will timeout.
A single user can be logged in multiple times but will only count as one license instance.
NOTE: The default session time out for RMTrack is 20 minutes. This period can be adjusted if desired. For more information please see RMTrack knowledgebase article HOW TO: Change the Session Time-Out parameter or contact support@rmtrack.com.
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