Issue History
NOTE: The ability to view Issue History is controlled the group item security level. Some users may not see the issue history.
On the right side of the Issue Details page, below all the other sections is the Issue History section. Each time an issue is saved, RMTrack will create a history record logging the changes to the issue. These history records appear in reverse date order.
Each history entry shows the date and time that the issue was saved and the user id that saved it. It also shows the resolution, assigned to, and status at the time of saving.
Each history entry also has a details… link to the full audit history record. Clicking on this link will pop up the full audit trail details for that save of the issue.
NOTE: Field level security restrictions may prohibit access to the history details. If your group membership restricts you from viewing any fields, you will not be able to access history details and the details… link will not be displayed.
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