Related Items
NOTE: The ability to view and add related items is controlled at the group item security level. Some users may not be able to add or see related items.
On the right side of the Issue Details page, below the Attachments and Subscribers sections is the Related Items section. Related items are links to information related to this issue.
You can create a related item entry by clicking on the New… link.
To delete a related item check the box beside the item name. Selected items will be deleted when the issue is saved.
There are two types of related items:
Related Issues – Entering a valid issue number will create a link to that issue. It will also create a link on the target issue back to the current issue. Deleting the link from either issue will remove it from both issues. The dropdown will contain a list of recently used Issue Numbers.
Uniform Resource Locator (URL) – URL’s can be entered as related item links on an issue. URL’s can point to a web site or files located on a network server. When the related item link is clicked it can open in a new browser window or reuse the open one. You can also provide a meaningful name (display title) for the link.
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