Quick Reassign
To quickly reassign or move single or multiple issues, select one or more rows of the Issue List to open the Quick Reassign control. To select a row click anywhere to the right of the ISSUE # column. Ctrl+click to select multiple rows, Shift+click to select a range of rows.

Quick Reassign

Resolution Code

Select the desired Resolution Code or leave blank to make no change to Resolution.

Assigned to

Select the desired Assigned to User or leave blank to make no change to Assigned to.


Select the desired Status Code or leave blank to make no change to Status

Reassign button

Once a a new value has been chosen for one or more if the three reassign fields, the Reassign button will become active.
Clicking the button will changes the value(s) on the selected issues.
NOTE: Quick reassign will enforce all workflow and assignment rules for the issues. Any issue that cannot be reassigned due to a rule violation will be left in its original state; all others will be reassigned.
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