Code Table Values
The code table values maintenance pages can be accessed from the code table definition page by clicking on the Values... button. Global code table values and code table values for tables dependant on other code tables can also be accessed under the Administration menu item by clicking Code Values. Project related code table values can be accessed from Administration > Projects > Code table name.
Code Table Values
For dependent code tables, dropdowns are provided to select values for each higher level table. For example, the above Versions table is dependent on Product which is dependent on Project. To enter Version values you must first select the project and then select a product.
New values can be added to a code table by clicking on the New button. To modify an existing value (change it's value, change the sort, make it the default value or enable/disable) click on the value name.
To delete values, select the row by clicking anywhere to the right of the value and then click the Delete button.
Multiple rows (values) can be selected by using Ctrl+click or Shift+click to select a range of rows.
The Toggle Disabled/Enabled button will toggle the selected row values between disable and enabled without having to open each value.
NOTE: Values can only be deleted if they are not currently being used by an issue.
NOTE: If an existing value is changed it will also be changed in any issue that it currently appears in.

Default Value

Each code table must have a default value specified. This is the value that will initially appear in the field when creating a new issue. When you create a new code table an initial value <blank> will be automatically added to the table and designated as the default. When you add additional values to the table, you can designate one of these as the default. Each code table must have at least one value and must have a default value. The <blank> value can be removed after adding new values.

Disabled Value

Disabling a value stops that value from appearing for selection in the dropdown list on the issue details page, meaning that it cannot be selected for new issues and existing issues cannot be changed to that value. Issues that already use the disabled value will not be affected.

Resolution Code Table

Every installation will have an entry under Code Table Values for Resolution Codes. Resolution Codes are defined in the Workflow and are the steps to resolve an issue. The resolution codes behave differently than other code tables. The resolution code table cannot be deleted and you cannot add values to the Resolution Codes table from the values page. You can only delete unused Resolution Code values and you can update existing values which will also update them in the Workflow diagram. You can also set a sort order on your Resolution Code values for the order you want them to appear in the Resolution dropdown on the data entry form.
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