It is important to understand that the main reporting tool in RMTrack is the Issues List page. By defining custom filters and choosing fields for display, most reporting needs in RMTrack can be met. The issues list can also be exported to a .CSV or .XLSX file for use in other reporting tools.

The Reports dropdown in the menu bar will show all reports that are available to the user. Access to reports is controlled by the site administrator, so each user and group may see different reports available under the the dropdown.

There are two types of reports under the Reports menu item: Stock reports, which come with the application, and Custom reports defined for your specific installation.

Custom Reports

RMTrack administrators can define custom reports for their installations. Custom reports are very flexible and can report on any data in the RMTrack database. For more information please see Custom Reports Overview.

Stock Reports

There are 4 stock reports reports available in RMTrack:
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