Issues List
The Issue List page is the landing page after logging in to RMTrack. It is a filterable, sortable list of issues the user has been granted access to.


Issues List


  Click on an ISSUE # to open the Issues Details page for that issue.


  Select one or more rows for Quick Reassign.

Filtering Controls

The top section of the Issue List page allows the list to be filtered and sorted based on the selected criteria. For detailed instructions, please see Issue Filtering

Column Controls

  • Click on a column to to change sort direction.
  • Click on a column edge and slide to change column widths.
  • Click and drag columns to reorder.

Column Chooser/Download

The 3. Column Chooser/Download control contains:
  • Add/Remove/Order columns. For detailed instructions, please see Issue list column chooser.
  • Download Issue List as .CSV
  • Download Issue List as .XLSX
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