Example Reports
RMTrack has created a set of example reports that can be downloaded and imported into your RMTrack installation.
These reports have been provided as EXAMPLES only. They are not expected to provide useful reports for your RMTrack installation. Each RMTrack installation is unique and has its own custom issue fields. To create these example reports we had to limit the reports to just the basic fields available in the default RMTrack setup.
To use these reports you must first Activate Custom Reporting.
Then download the reports, unzip the folder and save the .dat file inside to your desktop. Go to the Custom Report List and use the Import... button to import the reports. All the reports listed below are included in the one .dat file as a "package" of reports.
All imported reports are initially set to "hidden" in the publishing settings, so you will need to publish the reports to see them in the Reports menu.

List of example reports:

Report Name
Example - Bar Chart
A bar chart example that graphs numbers of issues by Project. Subreport to Example - Dashboard.
Example - Calendar
An example of a calendar style report. (Note: The data for this example is 'hard-coded' and meaningless).
Example - Dashboard
An example of combining multiple reports on one page to produce a 'dashboard' effect.
Example - Hyperlinks
Report style layout that shows examples of using the 4 types of hyperlinks: Issues details, subreport, e-mail, and external URL.
Example - Issues by UserId
A bar chart that counts open issues by user by project. Subreport to Example - Dashboard.
Example - Pie Chart
A pie chart example that graphs numbers of issues by Project. Subreport to Example - Dashboard.
Example - Revision History
Report to show Audit Trail in a one page report. Designed to be published via custom menu items on the Issue Details page. Subreport to Example - Hyperlinks.
Example - Subreport (parent)
An example of a parent/child type subreport aka "inline" subreport. Uses Example - Top Ten Oldest as its child report
Example - Summary Trends
A complex report that is an example of a Line Chart layout type. Its basically a copy of the stock Summary Trends report but done using Custom Reports. Subreport to Example - Dashboard.
Example - Top Ten Oldest
This is an example of a report style layout type that reports the top ten oldest issues. Subreport to Example - Dashboard and Example - Subreport (parent).
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