Incoming E-Mail
Incoming E-Mail
Incoming E-mails allows RMTrack to create issues based on the contents of an e-mail sent to a monitored e-mail address. The RMTrack Job Scheduler background process is used to retrieve the e-mails from the designated mail server.
Multiple e-mail addresses can be monitored. Each address will be mapped to a single project. To create issues in multiple projects, you will need to set up multiple incoming e-mail addresses.
To add a new incoming e-mail address, click the New button. To modify an incoming e-mail address, click on the name. To delete an incoming e-mail address, select the row by clicking anywhere to the right of the name and then click the Delete button.
Incoming e-mail filters control which e-mails will be accepted or rejected.
WARNING: Deleting or disabling an incoming e-mail address will not stop e-mails arriving in the inbox. You should redirect the e-mail address or let anyone who has it know it is no longer being used.
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