E-Mail Notification Rule Details
E-Mail Notification Rule Details
NOTE: At the top of this page, beside the rule name is the Project that this rule applies to. This may be a specific project or "All projects".

Rule Name

1. Rule Name
Each e-mail notification rule must be given a unique name. Rules can be deactivated by unchecking the Active box.


2. Template
The format and text of the e-mail sent is controlled by the E-Mail Template selected from the dropdown list of previously defined templates.

Notification Event

3. Notification Event
Choose a Notification Event by clicking the appropriate radio button. This is the event that will cause this particular notification rule to be triggered. If the event is a workflow action, you must select the desired workflow transition from the dropdown list.
NOTE: Notification rules based on a workflow transition event can only apply to specific projects not to "All projects".

Notification Recipient

4. Notification Recipient
Choose a Recipient for the e-mail by clicking the appropriate radio button.

NOTE: The user that causes an e-mail notification rule to trigger will not receive an e-mail. In other words RMTrack will not inform a user of an action they performed.
NOTE: Each user will only receive one e-mail per event. If an event triggers multiple rules that send e-mails to the same user, only one will be sent. The exception is a rule that uses a recipient type “The e-mail address in Issue field” or “This specific e-mail address” – these rules will always trigger.
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