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882Feature RequestMy Issues
Summary: Ability to restrict issue access for groups base on 'issue type'. (PRE-FILTER)
Steps: The original idea is to be able to have 'Internal' and 'External' issues in the same project with external users not being able to see the internal issues.
Reported by Client: Onerail Canada
1066Feature RequestIssue Details
Summary: Ability to change projects.
Steps: Add the ability to change the project code on an issue.
Reported by Client: RMTrack Issue Tracking Solutions
945Feature RequestLogin
Summary: Automatic login (Integrated Security and SiteMinder)
Steps: Allow integrated login using either Windows Integrated Security or CA eTRUST SiteMinder
Reported by Client: Sikorsky
946UsabilityIssue Fields
Summary: The number of lines display for logged (comment) fields should be configurable.
Steps: Allow the number of display and input lines for a comment field to be set on the Issue Field page
Reported by Client: National Postcode Loterij
1080UsabilityDatabase Upgrade
Summary: The db upgrade for v2.5.0 should set field level security to inquiry for Project
Steps: This release opens up Project as an updatable field on the issue details page. To avoid "feature shock" the initial setting for Project should be Inquiry Only for all for all groups.
Reported by Client: RMTrack Issue Tracking Solutions
1084UsabilityLeft menu
Summary: Tighten what a project administrator can do.
Steps: A project administrator should not be able to create or delete new projects (this opens up User administration and creates security problems for some clients). A project administrator should not be able to maintain email notification rules (or inquiry on them).
Reported by Client: RMTrack Issue Tracking Solutions
1089UsabilityActiveX Controls
Summary: IE change affects activation of ActiveX controls
Steps: With an up to date IE (xpsp2, win2003 sp1 and all security fixes) activex controls start in a "disabled" state. Users must click on the control first and then the control is active.
Reported by Client: RMTrack Issue Tracking Solutions
Summary: Error about security configuration can be incorrect.
Steps: The app tries to determine if the database user (dbconnection.udl) has appropriate rights (sysadmin) and whether or not the xp_cmdshell command is available (sql2005 only).
Reported by Client: RMTrack Issue Tracking Solutions
1013UsabilityE-Mail template details
Summary: Start with the HTML template portion
Steps: Users often forget to change both the HTML and TEXT portion... usually they only change the TEXT portion... but email clients display the HTML portion in preference to the TEXT portion. So... start off by displaying the HTML portion first.
Reported by Client: RMTrack Issue Tracking Solutions
1049UsabilityIssue Details
Summary: Having the Save button as the default for this screen can cause problems.
Steps: From NextPage: Having a default button in this case is, in my view, less than ideal. The problem that we have is that if an issue is saved prematurely, it may no longer be accessible to the person who pressed the Enter key. As a result, someone else (with appropriate permissions) must then reassign it back to that person to finish data entry. Alternately, we have to retrieve missing data from an I'm-sorry-but-I-couldn't-enter-the-data comment and re-enter the data in the correct fields. Time is being wasted in our shop due to inadvertent keystrokes.
Reported by Client: NextPage
Summary: If there is no license in database (e.g. instance creator) there is no easy way to enter the license
Steps: When db is accessed error "No license is present" shows up...should ask for valid license key to be entered.
Reported by Client: Oklahoma State University