RMTrack V4.0 - Feature and Usability Enhancements
Issue # Module / Summary

2464 ActiveX Controls (Usability)
New method of installing ActiveX - install on page when required instead of at Logon

2878 All Pages (Usability)
Migration of RMTrack code to .NET - Phase II migrate remainder of pages to .NET

2346 All Pages (Usability)
All "list" style pages (e.g. Projects, Groups, Users etc) display "New" and "Delete" at top of page when more than 20 entries exist

2347 All Pages (Usability)
Use resize "grippie" to allow a list/textbox to be resized in all applicable places

2215 Attachments (Feature Request)
Ability to display "Attachment Added By userId" with the attachment

2343 Attachments (Feature Request)
Ability to add multiple attachments at one time

2354 Browser Support (Usability)
Add support for IE9 and drop support for IE6 and IE7

1345 Codes maintenance (Usability)
Improve presentation of Code Tables - dependent tables indented below the parent table

2212 Configuration Export (Usability)
Change name of Database Export feature to: "Configuration Export"

2406 Custom Fields (Usability)
Layout of Custom Issue Field page is "cramped" - only show the field settings based on a selected data type/representation

2381 Custom Fields (Feature Request)
Add support for seconds on datetime fields

2345 Custom HTML Pages (Feature Request)
Ability to add custom HTML pages (for client specific documentation etc.)

2182 Custom Reporting (Feature Request)
Add support for including hyperlinks in a custom report. Links for Issue Details, E-Mail, Sub-Reports, Web Pages

2207 Custom Reporting (Usability)
Add a "Reporting Connection is Unavailable" page for when the UDL for reporting is missing

2189 Custom Reporting (Usability)
Allow vertical allignment of custom report parameters

1893 Custom Reporting (Feature Request)
Ability to include Report Description in report and use description as tool tip in left menu

2841 Custom Reporting (Usability)
Check when leaving report designer page if user has made changes

2348 Custom Reporting (Usability)
Allow unlimited number of parameters and unlimited number of displayed fields on custom reports

2445 Custom Reporting (Usability)
Remove menu items when reports run in "test" mode

2469 Custom Reporting (Feature Request)
Option to not display menu (side and top) in reports opened in a new widow.

2228 Daily Summary (Usability)
Expanded date selection for Daily Summary report - Add Last 3, 6, 12 months

2385 Data Entry Form (Usability)
Ask for confirmation when changing name of a data entry form or workflow

2530 Data Entry Form (Feature Request)
Support creating new fields/code tables/code values directly from the data entry form designer

2641 Data Entry Form (Usability)
Add a warning when exiting Data Entry Form designer if changes were made but not saved

2642 Data Entry Form (Usability)
Avoid the session time-out on the Data Entry Froms designer page

2342 Data Entry Form (Feature Request)
New data entry form designer. Drag and drop field positioning, sections, section headings, text on form, in-field prompts, help text etc.

2039 Data Importer (Feature Request)
New Data Importer page. Ability to import: Issues, Users and Code table values. To eliminate need for "RMTrack Utilities programs.

2663 Database Upgrade (Usability)
Add a new field to store "LastUpdatedByUserID" on the Issues table - Reporting, Filters, and database triggers based on "current user".

2286 E-Mail configuration (Feature Request)
Add support for SSL/TLS to incoming/outgoing email

2317 E-Mail Log (Usability)
Add filter to lookup specific issue and paging to Email Notification log

2399 E-Mail Service (Usability)
Date and time fields in E-Mail Notifications should be time zone adjusted if the e-mail is sent to a know user.

844 E-Mail Service (Usability)
Add user id column to E-Mail Log to aid with diagnostics

2693 Error Handling (Usability)
Trap database connection problems to allow for different unexpected error message (to direct users to local support instead of RMTrack)

2725 Error Handling (Feature Request)
Ability to configure special error message on the Unexpected Error page - to direct users to local support (i.e. phone number and e-mail)

2868 eSignatures (Feature Request)
Add support for eSignature steps in workflow - requires user to enter password (confirm identity) to save at these steps

2881 Field Level Security (Feature Request)
New field level security setting for "Update Any" - allowing any user with access to an issue to update that field whether issue is assigned to them or not

2877 Field Level Security (Feature Request)
New Field Level Security option: "Update Any" will allow a field to be updated even when user is not the "Assigned To" user

2653 Filter (Usability)
For date fields, add a condition for "empty" in filters

2217 Filter (Usability)
Ability to hide filters and layouts published to specific projects when project is not selected - "Settings" on Issue List page

2584 Groups (Feature Request)
Ability to update/change a Group Code

2395 History (Usability)
History area (right side of Issue Details) can be too small - change to only show last 5 histories and then optionally, more.

2214 Incoming E-Mail (Feature Request)
Support IMAP mail server protocol for incoming email

2344 Installation (Feature Request)
Support 64-bit OS

2299 Installation (Feature Request)
New "RMTrack Instance Manager" - To better manage multiple RMTrack Instances on the same server

2510 Issue Details (Usability)
Stop the Issue Details page from timing out.

2252 Issue Details (Usability)
When changing an issue's project, only reset the value to defaults if the existing value does not exist in the new project's code tables

2733 Layout (Usability)
Improve the layout designer - select fields for layout from list, drag and drop to position

2246 Left menu (Usability)
For Project Admins - Limit Project related code table menu entries to only those code tables relevant to the particular project admin

2072 Login (Usability)
Remember selected Security Settings after failed login.

2351 Login (Feature Request)
Forgot password page has been redesigned

2352 Login (Usability)
The logon option of "Public computer" has been dropped

2353 Login (Usability)
The site option "Logon Security Options" has been dropped in favour of settings in the Web.config file and a new site option "Authentication Settings".

2065 Mass Reassign (Usability)
Ability to select (check) all issues in issue list for mass reassign

2349 My Info (Feature Request)
Use a separate page for changing password and changing security question

2674 My Issues (Usability)
On Issue List page (My Issues), use custom dropdowns for Project, Filter, and Layout that are only as wide as required

2420 Passwords (Feature Request)
Enhance password management and recovery - add option for password recovery via e-mail password reset.

1805 Project (Feature Request)
New Project settings: Active, Disabled, Read Only

2303 Project details (Feature Request)
Make it easier to add a group to a project by adding a filter for "Group" to the Project Members section.

2350 Public Users (Usability)
Public user signup page has been redesigned

2366 Search (Feature Request)
Improve full text search to be more like internet search engine searches ("OR", quotes for exact phrase, minus to exclude, * for partial word match)

2284 Security Types (Feature Request)
New option for Filter & Layout Publishing Restrictions - 'Can publish to specific projects'

2329 User Access - Security (Feature Request)
Add a way to track last access of a user (UserActivityLog)

2772 User Access - Security (Feature Request)
(Intenal) Audit log of when a Site Administrator uses "Login as..."

1929 User maintenance (Feature Request)
Ability to change a user Id

2244 User maintenance (Usability)
On User details page, sort group membership by 'checked' first (in alpha order) followed by unchecked (in alpha order)

2273 User maintenance (Usability)
Disable all fields on user page if the 'Disabled' box is checked

2245 Workflow (Usability)
On all workflow group lists, sort group membership by 'checked' first (in alpha order) followed by unchecked (in alpha order)

2211 Workflow (Usability)
Import Workflow - Ignore field validations on missing fields

2358 Workflow (Usability)
Only show resolution/status combinations that have valid assign to users