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Filter: V3.1 - Features & Usability
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1034UsabilityCodes maintenance
Summary: Ability to hide/disable (old) values in dropdowns.
1547UsabilityIssue Details
Summary: The Prev and Next are disabled after saving an issue that no longer matches the fiilter from the issues list.
1654UsabilityCustom Reporting
Summary: Optionally supress Report Name when running report
1678UsabilityUser Access - Security
Summary: Can Edit any Issue - Redesign of "Team" portion of User and Project page.
1701UsabilityE-Mail notification rules
Summary: Project level email rules should take precedence over All Projects.
1702UsabilityUser Access - Security
Summary: When using Windows authentication - provide an alternate user id field in RMTrack to match Id.
1704UsabilityUser maintenance
Summary: Users and Groups maintenance page is awkward when there are a large number of users - add address book style display
1711UsabilityCustom Reporting
Summary: Better error reporting on custom report errors
1722UsabilityData Entry Form
Summary: Add export/import to data entry form
1613Feature RequestSecurity Types
Summary: Custom User Types (External User Control)
1614Feature RequestSubscriptions
Summary: Interested Parties - Enhanced Subscriptions functionality
1615Feature RequestUser Access - Security
Summary: Can Edit any Issue - user option
1617Feature RequestCodes maintenance
Summary: Cautionary Dialogue Prompt Whenever a Code Value is Changed
1618Feature RequestIncoming E-Mail
Summary: Ability to map "from" email address to CreatedByUser when email mmatches email in user list.
1620Feature RequestCustom Reporting
Summary: Ability to have Custom Reports open in their own window
1703Feature RequestUser maintenance
Summary: Add "Login as..." feature to User details page for Administrators to login as that user.
1725Feature RequestIncoming E-Mail
Summary: Add support for custom XML field mapping to incoming emails
1730Feature RequestBackup
Summary: Add the ability to export a database to SQL
1731Feature RequestCustom ASP
Summary: Add a programming interface, API, to RMTrack