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1247Browser/VisualLeft menu
Summary: The left menu should resize based on its contents
Steps: For long code table names the left menu width should automatically adjust.
Also new "Page Options" section (tucked up under regular menu) for items that only appear on certain pages e.g. Subscribe... and Printer Friendly
1248Feature RequestLogin
Summary: Users must agree to terms of use policy after logging first time (Hosted model only)
Steps: After a user has logged in, but before the ActiveX download they must agree to a terms of use policy. For hosted users this will be our terms of use policy,
1250Feature RequestWorkflow
Summary: Expanded workflow transition rules for resolution state and assigned to user
Steps: Allow "Force Transition", "Cannot be reassigned", "Can be reassigned" and "must be reassigned" on a resolution state.
Setting "Force transition" means the issue cannot be saved unless the resolution state is changed
Setting "Cannot be reassigned" means the issue cannot be assigned to another user (unless the resolution state is changed... ie team members cannot "trade" issues among themselves).
Setting "Can be reassigned" and selecting one or more groups means the issue can be assigned to another team member from the selected groups. Reassignment is _not_ mandatory.
Setting "Must be reassigned" and selecting one or more groups means the issue must be assigned to another team member when saved. Reassignment _is_ mandatory.
1258Feature RequestWorkflow
Summary: "Out of Office" feature
Steps: 1. Ability to prevent issues from being assigned to you e.g. if you’re on holiday. In My Info settings allow the user to enter an Out Of Office status that informs anyone logging a call with the Out Of Office text
2. Alternatively, the ability to auto forward issues assigned to you to another member of the same project team by automatically adding Out Of Office text specified to the issue notes.
1114Feature RequestIssue Fields
Summary: Dependent dropdowns
Steps: The values in dropdown 'b' depend on what is chosen in dropdown 'a'. Requested by several clients.
1189Feature RequestWorkflow
Summary: Allow "Automatic assignment to Original Creator" on the transition from issue create.
Steps: Currently this option is not available. No good reason I can think of not to allow it. (i.e. default the assignment to "me").
575Feature RequestIncoming E-Mail
Summary: Ability to create issues from incoming e-mails.
Steps: Monitor an "in box" and create an issue where Subject relates to "field1" and Body relates to "field2" etc. There should be some for of ;check' to make sure that this is a valid issue e-mail and not spam/virus.
May want to try auto attaching e-mail and/or attachments in e-mail.
908Feature RequestProject
Summary: Ability to copy an existing project setup to a new project
Steps: Time saver...especially attaching users to the project...
693Feature RequestIssue Fields
Summary: 8000 character limit needs to be resolved.
Steps: Issue types?Addition of a "Large Text" field might help - i.e. store text in separate tables (like comments).
757Feature RequestIssue Details
Summary: Ability to have date/time fields display with time zone correction.
Steps: Store times as UTC and store local time zone on user record. Display all times corrected for local time zone.
798Feature RequestReporting
Summary: Custom Reports
Steps: Advanced mode only i.e. requires SQL skills.
955Feature RequestLeft menu
Summary: User defined links in left menu and on issue details page
Steps: Clients should be able to add their own links to the left side menu. For an example please see the attached.

These should also be at the Issue level so that users could associate external documents with an issue.
909Feature RequestProject
Summary: Ability to rename a project
Steps: Requested multiple times by clients
1399Feature RequestSearch
Summary: Use SQL2005 full-text search capabilities.
Steps: 1. Enable full-text search (see attached document)
2. Go to search page and search for any text.
3. Unexpected Error (see attachment)
1266Feature RequestData Entry Form
Summary: Allow the number of rows to be controlled from the database
Steps: Currently defaults to 20. If more rows are needed a quick and dirty change to the ASP page can be done... but it would be better to have this in a site option.
1458Feature RequestE-Mail Service
Summary: Table drive the rules for deleting old email notifications
Steps: Two new RMTrackSite fields control the age of deletion: EmailLogSentRetentionDays for status's not Pending and not Failed (should only be "sent"... but the code is explicit). EMailLogFailedRetentionDays for status of Failed.
1507Feature RequestMy Info
Summary: Disable User Email address changes if using SiteMinder login
Steps: Site minder depends on the user email... so allowing a user to modify their email address can lead to login problems. If using site minder disable the field.
1551UsabilityActiveX Controls
Summary: If a user chooses to run without ActiveX (from the download page) they should not be asked again.
Steps: Use a cookie to determine if the PC has previously chosen to run without ActiveX.
Summary: Add an RMTrack program directory on install.
Steps: We discussed the idea of having the installer add a program directory with RMTrack Login and RMTrack Readme as a way to make this better and/or check for valid path to ReadMe.
1469UsabilityScreen Capture
Summary: Screen Capture window doesn't end up "on top"
Steps: When you use the screen capture tool and let go of the button (i.e. I have captured the image) the window with the image in it is behind the 'original' window.
Summary: Allow deletion and/or rename of Site Default workflow,
Steps: The Site Default workflow should be treated no differently than any other workflow.
1321UsabilityIssue Details
Summary: Saving an issue that has not been changed i.e. the only history change is "Last Updated" should not create a history
Steps: Currently an issue can be saved even though nothing has changed - this can create excessive history records.
1405UsabilityMy Issues
Summary: Sorting by code table value on Issue List
Steps: When the Issue List is sorted on a code table value and the code table uses a sort order field (e.g. Resolution) can we sort first on the sort order and then alpha-numeric within that? This would sort 'like' values together even if all (or some of) the sort order values are 0.
Summary: Allow selection or configuration of layout for the search page
Steps: Currently the search results always use the default layout. Users should be able to choose a layout or at the least it should use their Issue List default layout.
1496UsabilityUser maintenance
Summary: Disabled users' filters and layouts should not show
Steps: At this point, the only way to do it is to clear the user’s password, enable the user account, log on as the user and delete their filters and/or layouts (from the Settings& link on the Requests List page, then Filter or Layout button).

There should be an easier way. Also, the “Assigned to ‘user’” filter will always be there.

There should probably be an option to disable all filters and layouts when you disable the user.
Summary: Remove License Key page from installer
Steps: As licenses are now stored in the database, we don't really need to ask for them on install. If a new db is being created, add a 1111-1111-1111-1111 key.
1078UsabilityIssue Details
Summary: Ability to default a date/time field to current date and time
Steps: On the issue field configuration page add an indicator allowing a date/time field to default to current date and time
Also when TODAY is selected from any date/time field, the time should be populated with current time.
Summary: Need to log Issue Number changes in the History Details record
Steps: Currently we only log the project changing, however if the site uses 'per project numbering' then the issue number changes as well e.g. P1-99 becomes P2-88. There is currently no record of that change or of the fact that this was originally P1-99.
We should also give some thought to making this 'searchable'.
Summary: Only show active users in project team list
Steps: Keeps the list smaller
1244UsabilityBrowser Support
Summary: Sizes of various "lists" should be dynamic
Steps: The user details, group details, project details, and custom field details all display "lists" enclosed in a three-d looking border. The widths of these lists are hard coded and do not automatically adjust based on the contents. This makes the page look awful if very long group names, project names, or user ids are defined.
1262UsabilityError Handling
Summary: Server side error messages should be displayed in red
Steps: Currently server side messages appear in blue.