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Filter: .V3.2 - Bugs Corrected
Issue #  Issue Type  Module  Detected in Build 
1692CodingDatabase Restore3.0.9
 Database restore "times out" on large databases
1804CodingIssue Fields3.1.0
 Fields of type "comment" are not shown as unused at top of Issue Fields page
1823CodingCustom Reporting3.1.1
 Bar/Multi and Line/Multi reports not saving 6th y-axis information
 Crash caused by deleting 'active' filter
 Email link on user in history record adds issue number to email address in email client
1847CodingUser maintenance3.1.0
 Inconsistent display between Address Book style and Full List Style (Security Type vs. Admin yes/no)
1848CodingUser maintenance3.1.0
 After deleting a user, the list type reverts to Full list from Address Book
1878CodingCustom Reporting3.1.0
 Test button in custom reports does not work unless report is "published"
 In Issue Download, carriage return/line feeds are not exported properly in the comments fields
1925CodingBrowser Support3.1.11
 IE8 does not work with project wizard
1926CodingProject Wizard3.1.11
 Project Wizard defaults new users to Site Administrators
 User should not need to be a member of a project to publish filters (Administrators)
1945CodingIssue Details3.1.11
 Unable to enter dates from browsers set to use Russian as their language.
 If a user cannot add an Attachment (security) they should not be able to delete and attachment either
 The "DEL" link for attachments is alwyas active - even whe the user cannot add/delete attachments
1970CodingCustom Reporting3.1.0
 It is possible to "unset" the menu location causing the error message "Menu location must be one of: 0,1"
 Filter details slow when dealing with a large list of dropdown choices
 Bad History Issue: Adding attachment after another user has changed resolution
1988CodingIncoming E-Mail3.1.11
 XML attachments on incoming email not being used in issue field initialization
1989CodingCustom Reporting3.1.11
 Date validity is not being checked on client side
 Bad History Issue: Adding related item (issue) creates bad history on "related" issue
 Bad History Issue: Firing of a databas trigger "error" message can cause bad history.
1996CodingSite Options3.0.11
 Remove "Restrict Workflow" from Site Options
2009CodingHelp Pages3.1.0
 Clicking Help on a Custom Report returns a 404 error - Page not found
2020CodingDatabase Export3.1.11
 Import of config containing computed fields on custom fields does not work
 Public Project
1852DocumentationHelp Pages3.1.4
 Update generic code value help page to include reference to disable value
 User manual - under Mass Reassign heading.
 Error in TERMS OF SERVICE document
1964NavigationIssue Details3.1.11
 When using Firefox you can get to a point where the Save button is disabled
1831Browser/VisualBrowser Support3.1.1
 Browser detection incorrect for IE8