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Project: rmt 
Filter: V3.1 - Bugs Corrected
Issue #  Issue Type  Module  Severity  Detected in Build 
1603CodingScreen CaptureLow3.0.2
Summary: If the screen capture "tips" pop-up is not closed, the attaching the screen shot won't work
Summary: Cannot set a transition to be Automatic only.
Summary: "Attach" when changes have been made to the issue causes the "Are you sure you want to navigate away..." message.
1621CodingMenu EntriesLow3.0.6
Summary: Can't publish a report as a menu link
1629CodingCustom ReportingLow3.0.6
Summary: Spacers do not appear to work in custom reporting report layouts.
1630CodingCustom ReportingLow3.0.6
Summary: Problem passing decimals as a parameter to a sub-report
1633CodingCustom ReportingLow3.0.6
Summary: Auto refresh checkboxes don't display correctly in edit mode
1638CodingCodes maintenanceLow3.0.6
Summary: Cannot change a code table value and a sort code at the same time
Summary: Pressing return with "search for phrase" does not search (FIREFOX 3.0 - only)
1657CodingSummary TrendsLow3.0.7
Summary: Display error in number of issues (left side) of Summary Trends
1670CodingCustom ReportingLow3.0.7
Summary: Custom Reports menu handling - if reports are sorted between sub-report headings the sub-heading appears twice
Summary: Subscriptions - No users can change whether a subscriber receives email
Summary: Subscriptions - Checking the box and saving does not remove subscription
1676CodingRelated ItemsHigh3.0.9.219
Summary: Related Items - Checking the box and saving does not remove the item
1677CodingUser Access - SecurityHigh3.0.1.130
Summary: Can Edit any Issue - Need to update User.asp
1679CodingCustom ASPHigh3.0.9.219
Summary: Product Matrix - BUILD field does dsplay setting on modify
1680CodingCustom ASPHigh3.0.9.219
Summary: Product Matrix - REPORTING field does dsplay setting on modify or on List
1681CodingCustom ASPHigh3.0.9.219
Summary: Product Matrix - Users with no update access to issue should not be able to update or create Product Version
1683CodingCustom ReportingHigh3.0.9
Summary: Time part of datetime parameter is not being passed to report
1684CodingIssue DetailsLow3.0.2
Summary: History is not presented properly when user cannot see details
1691CodingIssue DetailsHigh3.0.9
Summary: When using French (Canada) for browser language settings, you are unable to enter numeric values.
1694CodingCustom ReportingHigh3.0.9
Summary: Date format is "flipping" in report parameter
1720CodingCustom ReportingHigh3.0.9
Summary: Custom Reports with special characters in the name cause problems - running report and copying report
1635SpellingSite OptionsLow3.0.4
Summary: Spelling mistake on http://localhost/RMT/Setup/SiteOptionTimezone.asp
Summary: The history details shows: "Fixed set to ;uncheckedí"
1728SpellingEmail - IncomingCosmetic3.0.11
Summary: E-mail settings test results screen has a typo
1610NavigationHelp PagesLow3.0.0
Summary: Links on help page for custom reporting (custom formats) don't point to valid sites.
1628Browser/VisualCustom ReportingLow3.0.6
Summary: Check boxes used as parameters in reports show up bold.
1653Browser/VisualCustom ReportingLow3.0.7
Summary: Report name displays in different font on Printer Friendly
1713Browser/VisualBrowser SupportHigh3.0.9
Summary: Under firefox 3 the Issues page does not dynamically resize