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Summary: Installing on a PDC with integrate security fails
Steps: The IUSR_RMTrack account is created as a domain account but is referenced as a local account. Causing the IIS virtual directory to fail to start.
Reported by Client: RMTrack Issue Tracking Solutions
1016CodingActiveX ControlsCrash2.4.2
Summary: Javascript error when resizing browser window on Issue Graph Reports and Workflow
Steps: Resize the window to a very small size and a Javascript error is thrown.
Reported by Client: RMTrack Issue Tracking Solutions
1041CodingIssue FieldsCrash2.4.2
Summary: Deleting ALL issue fields causes a crash
Steps: When the last issue field is deleted the application crashes. The workaround for this issue to is to create a temporary field through SQL Query Analyzer:

insert into IssueFields
(FieldName, FieldFriendlyName, Representation, TextMaxLength)
values ('TempField', 'TempField', 'text', 20)

insert into IssueFieldSecurity
'TempField' as FieldName,
Groups.GroupCode as GroupCode,
3 as AccessType,
null as LastUpdated
from Groups

alter table Issues add TempField varchar(20) constraint DF_Issues_TempField default '' not null
Reported by Client: RMTrack Issue Tracking Solutions
Summary: Filter Wizard does not add the correct information to the criteria when "Add to List" is clicked.
Steps: Use a dropdown field and condition "is (exactly)" . Select the the field value and click "Add to List". The value added is blank. Please see attachment. This error ONLY occurs with IE with ActiveX Controls disabled.
Workaround: Enable ActiveX Controls, or use a non-IE browser, or use the Advanced checkbox on the Filter Wizard to add the value you want.
Reported by Client: Sikorsky
1094CodingIssue DetailsHigh2.4.2
Summary: Public users are not included in the Assigned to drop down
Steps: When the public group is included as a possible (or only) group to assign (or reassign) issue to, the public users do not show up in the drop down of available users to assign the issue to.
Reported by Client: RMTrack Issue Tracking Solutions
1099CodingIssue DetailsHigh2.4.2
Summary: Clicking Save multiple times quickly on a new issue can create mutliple (duplicate) issues.
Steps: The Save Button should be disabled until after the server responds with the first update.
Reported by Client: RMTrack Issue Tracking Solutions
1032CodingDaily SummaryHigh2.4.2
Summary: When All Projects is selected, all users are shown
Steps: Only users that are members of the same project(s) as the logged on user should be shown.
Reported by Client: RMTrack Issue Tracking Solutions
Summary: If the database recovery model is "Simple" the backup always shows as failed
Steps: The database backup job is two steps, the first backs up the database, the second backs up the transaction log. With the "Simple" recovery model backups of the transaction log are not allowed.
Reported by Client: RMTrack Issue Tracking Solutions
Summary: Installing with Integrated Security and a named instance of SQL Server fails
Steps: The check that SQL Server is local fails when a named instance is used.
Reported by Client: RMTrack Issue Tracking Solutions
Summary: If localhost does not resolve to install will fail
Steps: Creating the virtual directory uses localhost... which is assumed to point to If it doesn't then all the IIS functions will fail with unexpected errors.
Reported by Client: RMTrack Issue Tracking Solutions
998Browser/VisualMy IssuesHigh2.4.1
Summary: When using Issue Numbering with a prefix the Issue Number will wrap when displayed
Steps: The IssueNumber should not wrap... a nowrap needs to be applied.
Reported by Client: RMTrack Issue Tracking Solutions
Summary: SQL Server 2005 is not recognized
Steps: The sql 2005 version number needs to be added
Reported by Client: RMTrack Issue Tracking Solutions
Summary: SQL Server 2005 DMO objects should be installed
Steps: If SQL 2005 is on a different server the backup will fail.
Reported by Client: RMTrack Issue Tracking Solutions
997CodingMy IssuesHigh2.4.1
Summary: Layout names including a single quote cause javascript errors
Steps: 1. Define a layout with the name "Bob's Layout"
2. Select the layout and display a list of issues
3. Click a column heading to sort the list of issues
4. A java script error (unterminated string constant) is displayed when the page loads after sorting
Reported by Client: RMTrack Issue Tracking Solutions
1012Browser/VisualProject WizardHigh2.4.2
Summary: Project Wizard fails when using Firefox V1.5
Steps: Wizard appears to 'hang' when Next button is clicked.
Workaround: Use another browser . The problem appears to be unique to Firefox V1.5. Projects can also be created without using the wizard.
Reported by Client: Viewpoint Corporation
1050CodingMy IssuesLow2.4.2
Summary: Layouts with a long text field on the first line don't wrap.
Steps: There appears to be a 'nowrap' in the HTML on the first line of each issue. If this line contains a 'long' text field, the whole page doesn't wrap.
Workaround: Move any long text fields off the first line of the layout.
Reported by Client: Thomson
1052CodingScheduling ServiceLow2.4.0
Summary: The RMTrackScheduling Service logs an information event every time it 'wakes up'.
Steps: The service should not make a log entry unless there is a problem.

Workaround: The service will awaken once every 10 minutes for the escalation process and once every 'n' minutes for email notifications. If your outgoing email is set to send once a minute, change it to once every 5 or 10 minutes - this should dramatically reduce the number of events.
Reported by Client: RMTrack Issue Tracking Solutions
1067CodingDaily SummaryLow2.4.2
Summary: Reporting is inconsistent for Administrators.
Steps: Administrators can see All Projects and all project data shows up when All Projects is selected but when individual projects are selected and the user is not specifically a member of that project, the data is not available.

Workaround: Make the administrators members of all projects.
Reported by Client: RMTrack Issue Tracking Solutions
1060Browser/VisualProject WizardCosmetic2.4.2
Summary: Project wizard Codes window is too small
Steps: The window for adding code values can be too small to easily click the sace and cancel buttons.
Workaround is to add the code table values through the "Customize" menu.
Reported by Client: TranDotCom